Generative Dialogue System

The Generative Dialogue System is a business dialogue system based on Harvard University researches

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The Generative Dialogue System can let you:

Shorten your Meeting Time with more Accomplishments
Enhance your company and your colleagues's Innovative Power
Reduce Conflicts between your colleagues and departments
Eliminate Mistakes and Mis-understandings
Improve your Productivity
Create more Sales
Increase your Selling Power
Generate more Dynamics in your Organization

Why So Many Companies Die Today?

Because they do not change.
They can't cope with the ever-changing environment of today.

Why don't they change?
Is it because they are so stubborn that they don't want to change?
No. Everybody understand that we need to change in this super fast-paced 21st Century.

Then Why no change?
Because they do not know how to!

Do not know how to? Is is because they don't have the Knowledge to change?
Yes or No.
We have a lot of knowledge today. But we might not have the Correct Knowledge. Most of our Knowledge is based on Assumptions.
Most of our Assumptions are based on another Assumption.

What's the result?
After a series of Assunmptions, do you still trust your Knowledge?

What makes this even worse?
The discussion and decision making are dorminated by those few people who have the Highest Authority and Persuasive Power.
They might NOT have the Knowledge. All others, even though they are more knowledgeable, are excluded.

What can we do to improve?
By adopting a Generative Dialogue, a mode of conversation inside organization that generates more Options, Choices, and Knowledge.
This allows everybody to express and stimulates more Creativity.

Is this just another form of Brainstorming?
No. We talk every minute. Generative Dialogue can be applied daily, hourly or even "minutely".
Do you want Creativity and real Knowledge only during a brainstorming session?

The Generative Dialogue System can help you:

Extracting Facts from Assumptions - More Effective Decisions forever
Regressing Inference back to Information - No more Arguement, Only Generative Discussion
Balancing Persuasion and Inquiry - Efficiency and Creativity at the same time

Free Test Run:

To understand more about the Generative Dialogue System, try our interactive Loose Real-time Simulation.
This is fun and informative.

Training Program:

You can learn all in the Generative Dialogue System Lived Training Program.

You learn directly from the originator, Dr. Keith To.

You are going to learn:

The Essense of the Generative Dialogue System through Losse Real-time Simulation.

The Principles behind the System. You not only learn the system, but totally understand and master it.

How-to implement the System into your organization to make it works and generates instant results.

The next lived training program will be conducted around late 2006. Check again later for the exact dates. Contact me at for more details.

Inhouse Training License:

You are going to get the Inhouse Training License if you enroll in this lived event. This is your only chance to get this License. We will withdraw this offer after this event.

This is going to be an exciting, intensive and very informative training.

Date: TBA - Around End of 2006
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: TBA
Fee: HK$1,800
Your Trainer: Dr. Keith To

Your Trainer: Dr. Keith To

Dr. Keith is a businessman and a hypnotherapist. He has over 18 years of corporate experience. He worked as senior executive, general manager and director in many well-known organizations in the past years. Dr. Keith is also a hypnotherapist. He uses hypnosis and words to help others to improve.

This interesting combination makes Dr. Keith proficient at effective dialogue in business setting. Generative Dialogue System is one Dr. Keith's new projects to help corporations to improve your business.

The basic concepts of the Generative Dialogue System is not anything new. It had been talked about by many Learning Organization experts.
What's new is that it is so simple that everyone in your organization can and willing to learn and to use it.

If anything is too complicate, who want to use it!

Free Test Run:

To understand more about the Generative Dialogue System, try our interactive Loose Real-time Simulation.
This is fun and informative.

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